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Juliet S. (Norristown, PA)
Best masks out there!!

These are the best masks on the market. Comfortable, easy to breath in, but still has layers of protection. My gym friends and my husband have also stocked up on these. The only masks I wear now. Love you Southpaw Stitches!!

Tom Chan (The Bronx, NY)
I bought these masks for myself and my neighbour.

I bought a 3-pack Adult TRUE Mask (Navy) for myself and my neighbor. I am an 'experienced' mask-wearer because I went through the SARS pandemic in 2003 in addition to the current COVID pandemic. Here are my observations:

- These masks are very breathable, comparable to a disposable mask. I tried running with reusable masks from UNIQLO but I stopped using them because they weren't breathable. These TRUE masks easily replaces them.
- These masks feels extraordinarily comfortable. The moment I touch them when I opened the package, I can tell it was made with a lot of care.
- These masks comes with a washing bag. I wish the other reusable masks I bought came with a washing bag.
- These masks comes with a flexible wire that's adjustable to my nose. I don't know why any other reusable masks I bought don't have that at all. It's mask-101. Every disposable masks have that.
- These masks looks way more professional and attractive than a disposable mask.
- I feel this purchase worth every penny I invested.
- This is a NYC startup small business and they have delivered a product that excels much more than that of a big company.
- My neighbor is also very impressed with the mask and has been wearing it ever since.

Mark Dunn (The Bronx, NY)
Still amazing

Received our third order of masks and they are still consistently amazing masks. Will continue to support this amazing company and it's products.

Michael Corona (Queens, NY)

These are officially the best masks I have worn. Really comfortable and the really easy to breath in. I like the fact that they are washable and I don’t have to keep throwing away masks and being wasteful. Great product !!!

Leon Hassid (New York, NY)
Best mask ever for working out

Did not think I would ever find a mask that I would be OK wearing when working out. A few times I tried with the regular ones and felt horrible. No more. Southpaw Stitches makes it so easy and allows me to not have to think about the mask anymore. Brilliant product guys