The Story Behind Our LUMIN Mask

The Story Behind Our LUMIN Mask

Everyone deserves the right to feel safe.

We saw this as a deserved human right when we starting hand making and donating masks. After receiving feedback about how there weren't great breathable options in the market, we designed and built high-quality masks with durability and breathability in mind. A mask that we can go hours in. One that we can wear while training. The world was in a constant state of change and, now, we know that the “new normal” is sure to stick around for a while longer. 

Our dedication to improving the lives of the people around us remains unchanged with the release of our second line - the LUMIN mask.

The LUMIN mask, like our TRUE mask, was inspired by and for people in the community. With the pride we have in our city, we try our best to do what we can for those that are working behind the scenes.

Just this past winter, a man from Brooklyn was on his way to deliver food on his bike. He didn’t make it. On the way there, he was fatally struck by a bus. Hearing this broke our hearts.

This man is one of many people on bikes and scooters in NYC. Due to the pandemic and consequent job losses, people are looking for new ways to provide. The influx of delivery couriers riding alongside bigger vehicles can be seen all over the city. They put their lives in danger in exchange for a demand that makes life for the rest of us easier. With so many organizations coming together during this time to bring about change, we knew we had to do what we could to contribute.

This unfortunate event drove us to elevate our masks to include a feature we believe is crucial: safety.

Our LUMIN mask was inspired by those who are out grinding from before dawn to after sunset. It comes with an updated design - a higher curve at the nose bridge for fuller and sleeker coverage. After hearing so many positive reviews of our TRUE masks being breathable, especially during athletic activities, we kept the construction that people have come to love and rely on.

With the LUMIN mask, you can continue your active lifestyle while adding a fun, bold look to your wardrobe. We’ll be wearing masks for the foreseeable future, so why not include a bit of shine? Trust us, you'll get stopped on the street with people trying to figure out how your mask is shining so brightly. 

We want everyone to stay well and stay safe through what could feel like an extra-dark and extra-cold winter. We hope that we can add some freshness to your days while keeping you seen from a distance away. With our new LUMIN mask, nobody needs to be left in the dark anymore. Order your LUMIN mask here.

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