Southpaw Stitches


Disheartened and frustrated with the lack of support to our NYC communities during the pandemic, we diverted our energy from designing new Muay Thai apparel to building high quality masks.

Communities of color are already under-resourced as it is and the pandemic highlighted this gap even more. As a response, we scrambled to source surgical masks and sewed homemade masks to donate to essential workers at hospitals, restaurants, couriers, daycares, grocers, senior centers, and local businesses. Soon, we were supplying masks to essential workers across the country.

We wanted to provide quality masks that were easily accessible -- one that would allow you to breathe easier and provide both comfort and protection. After many iterations, we are proud to offer our TRUE masks.

As we slowly return to our new normal, we hope that our masks can offer you a bit more ease from daily routines to high pace workouts. We are looking forward to getting back to doing what we love. May we continue to fight the good fight and be there for one another.

—Jess & Hannah