Why Men Need the Right Underwear for Working Out

Why Men Need the Right Underwear for Working Out

When it comes to working out, men often focus on choosing the right outerwear and shoes, but overlook the importance of comfortable and functional underwear, opting to wear classic boxers instead (a BIG no no).

Wearing inadequate underwear during workouts can affect your performance and lead to various health issues. That's why we developed the Signature Logo Trunk collection.

Made of moisture-wicking, brushed microfiber and four-way stretch fabric, these trunks lay seamlessly underneath workout bottoms, offering serious stretch and flexibility whilst making a statement. 

Let's dig into the importance of wearing the right underwear for an active lifestyle. 


During exercise, the body moves in various directions, and other parts of the body inevitably move around too... No one wants to feel like their most important parts aren't protected (and no one wants to do sit-ups opposite of you, seeing what might be under there through loose shorts). 

Wearing trunks compression trunks with a close fit and proper support can prevent physical discomfort, potential injury and keep your package in place.

Chafing & Irritation:

We all know that even low-intensity exercise causes the body to sweat. Without tight-fighting flexible undergarments, this often leads to chafing and irritation, which can even lead to infection if persistent and left untreated. Symptoms such as this can be especially uncomfortable in the groin area. Our Signature Logo Trunks are made of soft, breathable material that can prevent chafing and irritation caused by sweat and loose fabrics, keeping you comfortable throughout your workout and able to exercise for longer. 

Moisture-Wicking Properties:

Sweat can make you feel uncomfortable, sticky and sometimes even cold, especially during intense workouts. Our underwear is designed with moisture-wicking brushed microfiber, which can help keep you dry and prevent sweat from accumulating during your workout.

Improved Hygiene:

Underwear that allows bacteria and sweat to collect and sit on your body can lead to bacterial and fungal infections. Our comfortable underwear both dries quickly, so you don't have to sit in moisture for too long, and is easy to wash, preventing bacteria from accumulating over time, and improving overall hygiene.


Wearing underwear that makes you FEEL good, makes you LOOK good. And when you feel your best, you perform your best. The waistband on our trunks offers the perfect stretch and a buttery soft, plush hand feel. These are designer trunks, without the designer price.

Wearing high-quality and specialized workout underwear for lifting, running, boxing and more is essential for men’s health and performance. 

Don’t let uncomfortable boxers ruin your workout – invest in underwear that will help you perform at your best.

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